CornishPod now has an in-house cake maker in the form of Carlie, who used to work for us around 3 years ago assisting with the production of our pasties. After COVID, she decided to go out on her own and find her feet with her own business, Caked In It.

After continuing our relationship as a supplier of CornishPod, both parties agreed that it would be a fantastic opportunity for Carlie to come back as our Cakes & Bakes Manager whilst still keeping hold of what she built (Caked In It) over the past few years.

Outcome: Caked In It, Fuelled by CornishPod.

With that, we are now absolutely delighted to be able to offer you a continuous and steady flow of cakes to purchase from our premises here at Gallow’s Park, Millbrook.

Other services we now offer:
– Cake Boxes. Contents change weekly.
– Celebration Cakes.
– Gift Boxes.
– Bespoke Cakes
– Doughnut Boxes
– Cakes via Post. Contact
– Plus anything else related you may require!

Where to find our sweet treats whilst out on the road:
– Marina Cafe
– Kerry’s Kerbside Kitchen
– Weigh to Go

For enquiries, please contact or call 01752 822259.